Book Review: Five by Christie Rich

Five:An Elemental Enmity by Christie Rich, was a fast paced, action packed read!

I honestly didn’t know what i was expecting from this book coming in, because i usually pick the hardcore vampire love story over the pixie fairy tale. But this book was everything but cute and cuddly!
This book is a “Breath of fresh air” compared to my own stereo-typical views of fairies: having wings, pointy features,fairy dust,and being plain cute and boring… But Rich’s take on the fairy world is filled with scary mystical creatures and “fae” hotties that will make your mouth water…

Five is about a not-so ordinary girl or so she calls her self a “grown woman” named Rayla, who is afraid of the dark and lives on a pig farm with her Aunt Grace, who has made it a point to shelter Rayla, her entire life. Rayla and her best friend Cassie escape their home town of imprisonment and embark on an adventure to St. Mary’s College to enjoy the freedom of college life, so they think…
Through out the course of this book Rayla is sure she is being stalked by something other-worldly, and begins to realize she is not going to have the normal life and freedom she set out for…. Rayla then finds out piece by piece what she is and about the power that’s inside her that may not be hers to claim.

This book was an overall great read! all the characters in this story were well thought out and the story line was tide together great! I was captured from the very first page of the book. This book is filled with magic,Mystical creatures, Hot Hot Fairy men,and action from start to finish. But the best thing about this book is that it may be about magic and things that don’t really exist in the real world but Rich did make the characters relate-able in the sense of how teens fresh out of high school think they know everything that’s out there in the world when we have no idea… We still have more learning to do than we think…. Rayla’s character was whinny, sometimes self-centered, teenager know it all in a good way.. i could really relate to her because i was that way and probably still am lol! but i recommended everyone read this book its great for all ages, and i would DEFINITELY re-read and buy this book when it is available! P.S. and Who knows there might be a sequel?!

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